Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A poem of loneliness

I'm sitting alone on the park bench and looking at other people loving each other. My heart breaks when I see a kiss and its happiness. I'm fighting against the cruel world and destiny alone. Without you I'd be a balloon which would escape to the wind. I'm just a lonely soul and nobody wants my lap or even love. I walk alone in the rain and being ashamed of my terrible destiny. I'm ashamed of my self-esteem's tears. I'd be happy if I could love. My tears are rain. I need you, you're the last sunbeam I need.

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Poem of loneliness from Antsa on Vimeo.

Poem for women

Women are lovely and cute like stars in the sky. Without them, there wouldn't be love upon earth, or happiness. Without them there wouldn't be delicious food. Men would be nothing without the support and live women give to them. Women make men happy. They can comfort and encourage men. Women are more precious than gold or diamonds but more fragile than porcelain. Women are the most important people. Without them, there wouldn't be life in the whole planet. Diamonds are forever but beautiful women are not.

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Poem for woman from Antsa on Vimeo.

Story of school bullying

Class was over and the recess began. Taking my jacket from the coat rack and put it on. I put my stocking cap on and go outside. I saw a group of friends who were talking, laughing and having fun. I asked them could I join, but they rejected me and evicted me. I moved on to another place where was another group of friends, who played football. They evicted me too. A little bit later, two guys came to me and started pushing and teasing me. I tried to defend myself but it didn't really help. I went to the swings sadly and mourn my loneliness, how I have become the victim of discrimination.

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Story of school bullying from Antsa on Vimeo.

Love poem

Do you remember me when I saw you at the mall in the crowd? I stared at you like an idiot cause I had a crush on you. Eyes were shining like the stars at night, lovely wavy hair, really cute face, body sexy and muscular. When I saw you in the hallway I felt it in my heart that it was love at first sight. At first, I was so shy that I didn't have the strength to come close to you. The smile on your face made me blush. One shiny day you came against me on the street, I knew it was my chance. I walked bravely to you and started talking. I wanted to get to know you. Before I left on my own way, I gave her a magical kiss. Love, I love you for my whole life and nothing can come on our way to disturb our love. We're like two flying pigeons, who fly in the sky across the air and show how strong our love is.

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Love poem from Antsa on Vimeo.

Yearning and dullness

I miss you so much! Have you ever thought of me? Without you I wouldn't be happy because you're distant so I couldn't close you in my arms. You will still stay on my mind and I won't ever forget you. You are my only. P.s I love you now and always and I don't want to let you go ever.

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Yearning and dullness from Antsa on Vimeo.

Ocean poem

I'm sitting on the pier and staring far into the horizon at sea thinking of you. Hearing the sounds from the oceans reminds me of you. I like you so much I wouldn't ever want to let you go. I wish the ocean winds would bring you to me. My missing to you is so big, that it breaks the ice. I don't want to lose you. If I lose you, I lose myself.

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Ocean poem from Antsa on Vimeo.